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“I store my knowledge in my friends”

amazing human pyramid in Barcelona

amazing human pyramid in Barcelona

This phrase, suggested by Rae Tanner during yesterday´s on line learning trends and innovation conference stroke me as one of the biggest insights about what web 2.0 means to our learning environments, to knowledge management and, ultimatelly, to our lifes.

An insight could be defined as an intuitive grasping of the inner nature of things. I think the phrase just fits the definition.
Wich new world is this where we can say that phrase?

“I store my knowledge in my friends.” As I know more and more people on line and have such easy acess to them, new doors are literally open as I, for example, can visit their favourite sites instantly. I don´t know everything, but I know people who know a lot! It might seem obvious, but it takes such a burden out of our backs and makes life much more interesting. Ideas can really emerge out of these chaotic connections. For me it is complexity materialized into reflection, production and what else might come. This might take us to another state, as Prigogine might say.

So, I´ll share some links that online friends have shared with me .





but there was much more…

Deidre B sugested the term social learning designer to define our new roles as learning professionals.

Jay Cross says “simplicity is the ultimate sofistication” (to wich I totally agree).

Ross Button is developing an internet inside type of 2.0 corporate solution and

Mireille Jansma is reflecting upon how dialogue methods and web 2.0 interact (so am I).

Hope the headline phrase makes sense to you too. The people you need to meet just might be out there.

Tks to all!