Ivy Ross’s lessons: how to innovate in a team

Ivy Ross

Ivy Ross

Ivy Ross is a great executive that manages innovation processes, who is known for great achievements in companies like GAP and Mattel. It is worth listening to the lecture she gives the link below:

(the whole Business Innovation Factory website is very interesting!).

She regards her experience with the introduction of non orthodox dynamics such as clowns, music and visual arts, to engage her project teams. Ivy´s conclusion: the quality of the stimulus given to those groups and the confidence and harmony among participants has led them to thrive in their initiatives. For those who like numbers, in a certain project she commited to achieve a U$ 50 million in a 3 months mark!

Today she has condensed her method in only 4 days (I would like to see this!!). An interesting reflection that occurred to me is: “it is crucial that the manager of innovation is primarily a manager of people!”. For those who work as external facilitators of such projects, large parts of the success always depends on finding by a great internal facilitator and assemble, together, the type of ambience and dynamics necessary to imagine the future. This is what innovation is about.

For those who work within a large corporation, it may be very interesting to submit her case to prove that to invest in climate, in teams and in the search of favorable conditions for innovation is worth it.


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